Mirala Nuvali

Lot For Sale in Calamba, Laguna

Mirala Nuvali

Project at a Glance
Project Location: Canlubang, Calamba, Laguna
Turnover Date: Preselling
Unit Sizes: 431 sqm to 596 sqm
Price Range: Php 4.5M - Php 12.3M


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Mirala Nuvali By Alveo Land

Sprawled through 1,700-hectare of land development by Alveo Land, the Nuvali Township covers the cities of Sta. Rosa and Calamba and the municipality of Cabuyao. This township is a well-planned eco-city development and the largest of its kind in the Philippines. The Mirala Nuvali is the third residential community within Nuvali and part of this ambitious eco-city set to transform community living into a new level. The Mirala Nuvali is a 29.50-hectare community and a lot purchase development set against the scenic background of the majestic Mt. Makiling Forest Reserved. Owning a lot here could certainly give you the right to build your own house. The site is less than an hour away from BGC in Taguig and Makati via Southern Luzon Expressway (SLEX).

The development is ideal for small-time farming as a hobby or for garden enthusiasts. The project is located primarily inside the Nuvali Township in Canlubang, Calamba City, Laguna. The project is located near Alveo Land's Treveia and adjacent to Venare in Nuvali's south side, where schools have been established prior to selling. Adjacent to Mirala is the Miriam College while the Everest Academy is across the project's site. The Xavier School is located a few kilometers from this site and also inside the Nuvali.

Offered lots have sizes ranging from 431 to 586sqm. Main entrance is 32 meters wide while the spine road is 18 meters wide and road right of way and local roads are 14, 11 and 9 meters as you go along farther from the entrance. Several amenities and facilities await prospective owners and their families, such as clubhouse, swimming pool, landscaped lighting, street lights, lanai area at clubhouse, mountain bike trail, running trail, tree-lined pedestrian lane with jogging paths and urban bike lanes, wildlife and bird sanctuary and many others. There are other schools and learning institutions aside from the 3 inside the township, and they are in the immediate vicinity of the project, the likes of Queen Anne School of Sta. Rosa, Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba, Ateneo Graduate School of Business and Dominican College of Sta. Rosa. There are also other interesting places to go to inside the Nuvali, such as the Evoliving Center, Kukun Nuvali, the Solenad, the Monochrome Events Place, the Evozone multi-functional lake and so much more! Several hospitals are also close by the Mirala Nuvali, the likes of New Sinai MDI Hospital, Medical City South Luzon, Sta. Rosa Community Hospital, Marian Hospital of Sta. Rosa, Inc. and Sta. Rosa Hospital and Medical Center. If you want to explore the outside world, there are several shopping, entertainment and leisure centers and attractions located close to the site, such as SM City Calamba, SM City Sta. Rosa, Garden Plaza Mall and Checkpoint Mall Calamba, the Rizal Shrine, Lake Caliraya and the Laguna Hot Spring Resort.

Mirala is a new development by Alveo land that is located in the township of Nuvali. Mirala is primarily a residential community spanning nearly 30 hectares and it offers a great opportunity for home seekers and property investors to acquire properties in Philippine’s first eco-city development. Nuvali is also the largest development of its kind in the country spanning 1860 Hectares. It is within a few minutes’ drive from a number of major cities in the Philippines including Sta Rosa, Calamba, and Cabuyao in Laguna. Mirala Nuvali is build with the concept of sustainability where a modern lifestyle meets environmental responsiveness, outstanding amenities, and the ultimate living experience. Prices for lots will range between P13K and P16K per square meter. This is not the first development by Alveo land in the township though in fact, it’s the third and it will largely be located in Canlugan, Calamba, Laguna. The 29.5 Hectare development is at the heart of the Nuvali South District and will be in close proximity to the other two developments by Alveo land including Venare and Traveia.   

The Mirala Nuvali development is an ideal choice for people looking for a Parkside living experience with a sense of community and strong neighborhood ties. The development is based on three fundamental concepts including a convenient urban living space, sustainable modern living, and impeccable pervasive parks that get you closer to nature. Mirala Nuvali has so much to offer. The central park will be the center of recreation and amenities in the development. It features a modern club house designed by Ed Calma and additional Alfresco Lanais that allow a perfect view of the Grand Lawn as well as the infinity pool. The Grand Lawn is quite spectacular and we wouldn’t be doing this article justice if we proceeded without mentioning it.  It’s a significantly large lawn that will feature state of the art garden Nooks and the perfect Hammock grove for the ultimate relaxation. And in case you are wondering what’s in for the kids, well, you will be happy to know that the Grand Lawn in Mirala Nuvali’s central park has additional picnic grounds and a custom outdoor play area designed for kids. There is also a kiddie’s pool at the central park. The Parkside living experience is an important part of Mirala Nuvali and its no surprise that the developer has paid a lot of attention in this.

Other than the Central Park, there are also other linear park networks that feature prairie walks, convergence nooks that have picnic tables and park benches as well as backyard spill over lawns and meandering greenways for hiking. And if you thought Mirala Nuvali didn’t have anything else to offer, wait until you make your way to the pocket parks that are still part of the development. Although the parks may not be as grand as the central park, they too have their magic and with open outdoor play areas, a basketball court, and vintage style village gazebos, it’s the perfect mix for relaxation and outdoor playtime with the kids or anybody else. But if outdoor sports aren’t really your thing, there is a fully equipped modern fitness gym facility at the central park to keep your fit. Adventure is also an important part of Mirala Nuvali and while the parks and outdoor play areas are still something to look forward to, there is still more. The Republic wakepark located within the greater Nuvali Township is a great attraction. You will also get wildlife and bird sanctuaries for nature and animal lovers. If fishing is your thing or perhaps you just want to get away to a quiet little hideaway somewhere in the middle of a lake, the Evozone multipurpose lake is not to be missed. As for those of you who want something more exciting that really make the blood rush, the mountain bike trails within the development allow you the chance to engage in a adventurous high intensity activity. And if you have no clue about what mountain biking is, don’t worry, there is a mountain bike facility just within the development to get you started with the basics.

Mirala Nuvali simply comes as advertised, a modern residential urban development that combines the perfect Parkside living experience with environmental sustainability and modern amenities. The development has opened its doors for people who want to purchases lots here. However, the size will vary.  There are a total of 234 available lots ranging between 322 – 449 square meters. There are also 64 Lots measuring 450 to 499 square meters as well as 49 available lots measuring 500 to 599 square meters. As for people who are looking for something bigger, you will need to move fast and acquire one of the 8 lots available that measure between 600 to 685 square meters. Don’t waste any time, get in touch with Alveo Land for details on how you can own a lot here.

Alveo Land Mirala Nuvali in Laguna, Philippines is a premier Lot Only project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Mirala Nuvali, then check here first. We have full details of Mirala Nuvali updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. We are Remax Perfect Homes. Always buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents only.

Mirala Nuvali - Location & Vicinity

Mirala Nuvali is Located at Canlubang, Calamba, Laguna

The Mirala development is located in Nuvali, the fist eco city in Philippines. The concept of sustainability has been the biggest selling point for Nuvali. The land here has been developed to offer a campus like living experience where access to amenities and enjoying nature have been merged together  to perfection. Nuvali is a 2000 hectare eco city and its size is big enough to span across three major cities. The development touches on the cities of Sta Rosa, Cabuyao, and Calamba in Laguna. Nuvali is in very close proximity to these cities.

 It is also well connected with elaborate road systems. Coming from Makati, it will only take just little below an hour to get to the eco city. As for people coming from Alabang, a 30 minutes drive will be enough to get you here. Nuvali is however closer to Sta Rosa with just a 15 minute drive. Before Nuvali was developed into a livable community, it was simply grassland and canopy. The decision to develop this land was reached based on the concept Nuvali wanted to offer in the first place. The eco city is primarily build with the environment in mind. Its biggest aim is to offer people an opportunity to enjoy a world class living experience while interacting with nature at its raw form. Starting off in a land that already remained conserved with massive grasslands and canopies offered developers the best foundation towards building the perfect eco city with the right Parkside living for buyers.

Nuvali is basically a model in real estate development that shows it’s possible for urbanization, environmental sustainability, and technology to coexist together and complement each other. And to make things even better, Nuvali is not just a place to live, it’s also a place to work. As part of the development’s master plan, there is a proposal to develop a state of the art central business district within the eco city that will offer office space for businesses and corporations to set up shop here. The central business district will offer the ideal urban environment complimented by nature.

 If you ever wanted a place to work and relax at the same time, Nuvali is perhaps is the only development now in Philippines that guarantees this. The central business district will be accessible from the Sta. Rosa - Tagaytay road and will be located just across the Lakeside Evozone. Ayala Land, the company that has so far been involved in the development of the Nuvali eco-city was also responsible for the development of the Makati CBD that is just a few minutes’ drive form Nuvali. Going by the standards in Makati, no doubt Nuvali offers more promise of modern working space accessible easily from all the major residential areas in the city.

The Nuvali CBD will also feature an Evotech. This will be the first of three planned office campuses and will host technology companies that want to work from here. The Philippines has made its name as a leading BPO center in the world and the facilities in the city are designed to help BPO firms in the country achieve more success in the future. For investors coming from Manila, you can access Nuvali through the city of Calamba.  Calamba is located 54 Kilometers from the capital and just a few minutes’ drive from Nuvali. Investors coming from manila are advised to use the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and the several exits to reach the eco city.

Business :

  • Central Business District and Lakeside Evozone
  • The 46-hectare Lakeside Evozone is part of the envisioned 150-hectare commercial hub poised to becomemthe future premier business district of NUVALI.
  • One and Two Evotech

Educational :

  • Everest Academy
  • Miriam College-NUVALI
  • Xavier School-NUVALI

Retail, Hospitality and Special Interest :

  • Evoliving Center
  • Kukun NUVALI
  • Solenad
  • The Monochrome Events Place

Outdoor Adventure and Nature Destinations :

  • REPUBL1C Wakepark NUVALI
  • The Fields at NUVALI
  • Evozone Multi-functional Lake
  • Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary
  • Greens & Patches
  • T.R.E.E. (Together Reforesting Earth's Environment) Program
  • Mountain bike training facility with pump and 4-cross tracks
  • Mountain bike trail
  • Running trail
  • Tree-lined pedestrian lanes, jogging paths, and urban bike lanes
Mirala Nuvali Location

Mirala Nuvali - Photo Gallery

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Main Pool

Main Pool

Main Pool

Main Pool

Pool Side

Pool Side

Pool Side

Pool Side

Mirala Nuvali - Features & Amenities

Amenities and facilities are very important in any development. The Mirala Nuvali development offers plenty of these important facilities. Whether they are built in within the city or accessible via other surrounding towns and cities, you can rest assured that there is everything you need here. Let’s begin by looking at some of the major commercial establishments around the development. Within Mirala, you are surrounded by the Alabang Town center, a thriving metropolitan area with a wide range of facilities and amenities. You will also get access to the Paseo de Santa Rosa.

The Laguna Techno Park is also right there. Don’t also forget to check out the Lakeside Evozone too. All these commercial establishments are ideal for shopping, eat outs, or any other activity you may be interested in. Religion is also a big part of the Nuvali development. You will be close to three major churches in the eco city. To start with, you can catch Sunday service at the New Valle Baptist Church just close by. There is also the St. Benedict Church as well as the St. John Bosco Parish. These are all great options for church goers AND are enough to ensure you keep your spiritual life nourished.

Education is perhaps the biggest concern parents will have before deciding to move into Mirala Nuvali. Well, you won’t be disappointed with the development. A wide range of schools are available here.  The Everest Academy is one of the high profile ones. There is also the Xavier School, and   Miriam College. All these schools are located within the Nuvali eco city. However, there still many others just close by. The Brent International Schools as well as the Beacon Academy are some of the major schools outside the city to keep your eyes on. The Ateneo Graduate School of Business is also nearby for higher education. Other schools to note include PAREF southridge, PAREF Woodrose, as well as the University of Philippines Los Banos.

Just as education, healthcare is also another important factor. There are two major hospitals that serve Mirala including the Asian Hospitals and the South Luzon Medical Center. The two facilities can easily be accessed from Makati in a few minutes.

But too much work without play makes jack a dull boy right? That is why even with the amazing education, commercial and healthcare options available in Mirala, there are also notable lifestyle and leisure facilities to enjoy. The Ayala Greenfield Golf and Leisure Club is not to be missed. There is also Sta. Elena Golf club as well as the Country Club located in central park. Don’t also forget to indulge in the splendor and hospitality offered at the Seda Hotel Nuvali as well as the Manila Southwood Golf and country club.

  • Main Pool
  • Pool Side

Mirala Nuvali - Price List

Unit Type Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
House and Lot ₱ 4,500,000 322 sqm

Mirala Nuvali - Payment Option

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Cash in 0 to 30 days, 7% cash discount, no extensions
Option 2 : PROMO
10% downpayment ; 10% over 12 months; 80% Balance through cash or Bank
20% downpayment; 80% over 18 months

Why You Should Invest In  Mirala Nuvali

Nuvali is the largest eco-city in the Philippines

Sprawled over 1,700 hectares of prime property, the Nuvali is the largest of its kind in the country and the Mirala Nuvali is one of its thriving communities developed by Alveo Land, an Ayala Land, Inc.’s (ALI) building arm. Being nestled in the biggest eco-city in the country, the Mirala residents will surely enjoy the perks of what Nuvali, an ALI community development, has to offer for its flourishing communities inside its domain. While Nuvali has its own amenities and facilities, the Mirala residents could enjoy these offerings by Nuvali including the township’s commercial centers, parks and gardens, tree-lined roads and walkways, and even the communities efficient utilities. As much as the Nuvali is an eco-friendly community, so does Mirala, where the neighborhood is also as friendly as ever. Here, you are not alone in paradise, but you have also your privacy


Mirala has its own educational institutions

Aside from having the best and finest schools in Laguna outside of Nuvali, the Mirala Nuvali is a lot only purchase in Calamba City where residents will have the chance to enjoy the exclusive rights to study with the township’s own schools inside of the community. These educational institutions include Miriam College (which is adjacent to Mirala), the Everest Academy (located right across the project), and the Xavier School, which is just a 5-minute ride from the site and also inside Nuvali. If your children wanted to study outside of Nuvali, there are still prestigious schools near the site. These schools include Ateneo Graduate School of Business, Queen Anne School of Sta. Rosa, Dominican College of Sta. Rosa, Philippine- Nippon Industrial College, Don Bosco College, and Colegio de San Juan de Letran- Calamba. At the Mirala Nuvali, you don’t only have the freedom to choose the best lot cut for your family, your children got also the liberty to make their choice where to study.


Industrial Parks near Mirala

When you settle at the Mirala Nuvali, you will also have the chance to be near where you work. The site is in close proximity to various industrial parks surrounding the project. Among those is the Carmelray Industrial Parks 1 and 2, Adventek Inc., the Filinvest Technology Park, Light Industry and Science Park II, Silangan Industrial Park, San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corp., Coca-Cola Bottlers Corp., Light Industry and Science Park I, NXP Semiconductors, Nippon Denso, and other workplaces near the Mirala Nuvali. If you live at the Mirala, you are probably home by now.


Several payment options

The Mirala Nuvali is a lot only purchase in Laguna where payment is quite friendly and will understand your financial status. If you want to buy a lot unit in cash, you are allowed to pay it in within 30 days after you pay the low reservation fee and enjoy a 7% discount against the TCP (total contract price). If you can’t pay in cash, you can choose between Option 2 (a Promo offering) and Option 3 (Standard Deferred offering). Know more about these payment schemes by contacting now our trusted real estate agents on this website for details.


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